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Chatbot for Restauranrt Aug 06, 2019

Days are gone when customers can tolerate 1-800 numbers calling for customer services. Your customer needs constant engagement and updates of your business if you want to engross them with your brand. Now you don’t have to be worried about customer loyalty and your marketing strategies! Then what makes this process extraordinary? The answer would be “Messenger bots”. It’s not just saying, It’s true! Why? I’ll tell you why...

P.S If you are a chatbot enthusiastic, I’m sure you have read lots of articles about chatbot customer services till now right? Or If you are new you can go over here. So let’s not discuss that same customer service thing over again you know that right!

First, answer me this question - How do you make a customer feel more informed and engaged before they arrive at your restaurant? Like past, by putting big hoardings and advertising posters on walls? And if we talk digitally by spamming your customer with boring emails? Or by spamming them with promotional messages? No one really cares about your poster and hoardings and your messages and emails cum spam in this busy world! It’s a big challenge. Let’s make them care 😉

Well, I was planning to write this article before a month, So what I did, I went to some restaurant pages on Facebook. I leave just a simple Message “Hello”. And I’m not surprised at all with the results! Nearly 10% of the restaurant replied within a day after 3 to 5 hours. 15% replied within/after a week! Other 10% seen the message and didn’t reply at all and after almost a month I’m still hoping to appear something from rest 65% 😅

Messenger bots give an incredible makeover to this situation. The instant reply to customers leads to customer satisfaction and lays the foundation of trust in them. Messenger bots have the capacity of responding to hundreds of customers simultaneously.

So, is this the only reason to have a chatbot for your restaurant?

I would say Nope! Have you been to some of those fancy restaurants who have those waiters with some entertaining order-taking skills? How special we feel when someone makes ordering a more enjoyable and different process for us! Messenger bot do the same process but here you don’t need to pay it monthly 😛 Bots can flaunt your menu with personal impacts, takes orders plus it keeps the conversation interesting by recommending special items, asking questions, cracking occasional jokes.  

The interaction with the customer means a lot as it has the potential to make the consumer your loyal customer. You can offer some rewards and discounts to your loyal customer via messenger bots! After all, who doesn’t love free food right? You can see an example below ⬇

One of the amazing features of restaurant messenger bot is brand promotion and marketing. It lets the customer knows about the coming offers or events in your restaurant. You can send promotional messages and offers to your customers. You can attract new customers to your bot by Facebook click on ads.

Imagine you are so hungry and craving for pizza and someone just sends you the image of them with eating delicious pizza 🍕 Tough situation right? Well, you can make your customer go crazy by sending them pictures and menus of yummy food from your restaurant 😋 Many restaurant owners and chefs know, Customers usually ignores special dishes because they can’t be sure about taste and Ingredients. Bots can visually present your menu in an attractive & conversational way and make a recommendation to them.

Now let me list some of the basic features a messenger bot can have:

1.Manage reservations: Your team needs to spend a lot of time on managing reservations. Your mobile apps are not making it easy at all! Messenger bots are significantly managed reservations and it is very easy and personalized for your customers too. It will help you to stay connected with your old customers, attract new customers and you don’t need to be worried about management issues.

2. Reviews and feedbacks: For every restaurant each positive review is important. New customers usually judge the restaurant by reviews and feedbacks. But each customer that enters your restaurant to leave you a review?  No! No one really cares about that. Chatbots can automatically send reminders and encourage them to your customers to leave you a review.

3. Promotions and Deals: Messenger bots are the best platform to promote your offers and deals. Bots can easily recognize your regular customers and attract them for coming back with special offers and deals. It promotes your food and restaurant in a very exciting way and makes your customers feel special. Don’t forget customers spend more when they feel special!

4. Loyalty Program: Loyalty program encourages customers to buy more from you. Chatbots are masters in bringing repeat business. A loyalty program run by chatbot will help you to convert your customers into loyal ones. Your customers will only be happy to get involved in your restaurant loyalty program when they know that you have something in for them. The chatbot will do this involvement task, you don’t need to spend on an employee for this.

5. Online ordering and delivery: If your restaurant offers delivery and takeaway services, bots are the best option. It automates the whole order placing tasks and after delivery services. Customers can message you just on Facebook and place an order while having a highly engaging conversation with the chatbot. It helps the restaurant to reduce personnel costs and reduce errors happening.

Therefore, if you don’t have a chatbot for your restaurant yet, then get it now and effectively stay ahead of the competition. For more information on how Chatbots can help your industry in making customer’s experience pleasant, you may visit our website or you can reach us at

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