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Core Values Aug 06, 2019

We consider that it’s essential to come up with the core values that you can commit to. Our core values make up who we are. We believe to create company values that can showcase company culture that is in line with the brand you want to create. Our achievements can easily demonstrate concepts that are built on a solid foundation of core values that inspire engagement, teamwork, and perfection.

We understand what we care about can show how we are unique. Today we decided to give you a look at our core. The following core values and beliefs define what's important to us at Kevit:

Team-work: We believe that the team is not only a group of people who work together, But It’s also a group of people who trust each other, Who helps each other. Teamwork is important for the success of all businesses. Teamwork at our workplace has also proved to improve innovation and creativity by allowing team members to bring unique and different perspectives to the table. We all have heard that behind every great product is a great team, and that is completely true.

Ambition: Ambition is the most impactable value of Kevit. When we have started kevit as a bot agency, we were completely new in this field. Infect at that time people just started thinking about chatbot as a service. It was new to us, it was new to our employees and it was new to our clients and their customers as well. Instated of going easy with an ordinary choice of work, we experimented with our skills, our passion, and our Ambition. With continuing this Ambitious attitude, Kevit is constantly providing customers with new domains and are regularly adding new domains offering from around the world.

Perseverance: This value gives us the courage to stay constant on a purpose, idea, or task in the face of restrictions. Perseverance is a very important value for us to be successful in every project. We have determination at working hard regardless of any odds or obstacles that may exist. It keeps us to insist and to be settled on getting something done and not giving up. In every work somewhere we felt some tasks impossible or too hard. This value includes dedication, consistency, and having a positive attitude in our company.

Freedom: While we live in a free, independent country, We meant to be truly free and liberated. Since we spend most of our awake time at work, freedom at work would be a very important part of the liberation we desire. Hereby freedom at kevit, we meant freedom to give your opinion, to put your idea out loud, to share your failures, to celebrate your achievements, to share experience, and to ask your doubts and confusion. People at Kevit are wonderfully trained to have this kind of freedom in their minds. We help them to grow with this attitude, which basically holds our client benefits.

Vitality: Vitality can be described as the will to survive, to develop and to improve. Vitality at Kevit is attributed to our people who are lively, enthusiastic and spontaneous about every task. We believe employees' vitality also influences their motivation which improves their potential. The more potential employees have, the more potential they can dedicate to their work.

If you felt connected to these values and want to work with our enthusiast team, you can catch us at “”.

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