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Chatbot Aug 06, 2019

I know you are reading this article because you are thinking “How a chatbot can help me to achieve success in my business? What are chatbots? Why chatbots are such a big deal? ”

These are the questions I'm going to answer for you right now.

Ready? Let’s do this.

The idea of the chatbot was introduced around the 1960s, but chatbot has been rise for a few years and they are already in trends. As messaging apps are growing fast, Like Facebook Messenger, for example, it is used by over 1 billion people every month and it is growing faster than Facebook. Chatbots are becoming part of all kinds of messaging apps nowadays. People prefer simple, fast and meaningful chat with bots rather than going on lots of websites, scrolling lots of irrelevant web pages and mobile apps for a single task. Here are some points which will give you the idea that the combination of Business and bots leads you a lot more opportunities which can lead you to success.

So, what is chatbot?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a chatbot is:

“A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

It’s an assistant that communicates with the user through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers. It also helps you to get closer to your customers. So we can say that a bot is an automated system of communication with users.

It gives a very personal touch to conversation which can’t be achieved by “frequently asked questions” part. Do you really think customers have only those limited questions every time? This is not enough to satisfy your customers with their doubt and sometimes it’s very Frustrating. Sometimes you miss a business opportunity because customers couldn’t get someone to help them out.

Including the solutions of all this problem chatbot will help you to improve Productivity, Entertainment of the user, and Social and relational factors. Let’s see some major advantages which you can achieve by using a chatbot in your business :

1. Speed matters:

Chatbots are faster than websites and mobile apps.It provides a comfortable and easy conversational environment for users to do their tasks. For example, more people are moving online for buying and selling. Food, clothes, electronic items, everything is available online. In e-commerce websites you have to search for a particular site, then search for a product and sometimes you have to apply filters according to your needs for better results, same in mobile apps, you need to download the specific one and then long boring usual procedure. Chatbots are far more easy, fast and comfortable root for the same task. They give quick access to every task.

2. Easy interface:

Language is the most natural interface which humans understand, and that’s the interface that bots use. When we were born, we were not able to speak or understand any language. Our parents teach us how to talk, and that’s how we learn to interact with everyone. Not every website and mobile app are designed the same. This means that you constantly have to learn new visual interfaces in order to use your favorite products. Business can grow only if you can provide a comfortable environment for customers/clients for interacting.

3. Save Money:

Chatbot use can be cheaper than hiring more workers. Costs to have a chatbot, range depending on the complexity needed. Once created you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. One reason for this is that you don’t have to pay it vacation time, sick days, etc. It won’t become injured on the job and require medical treatment either. This is what you want ! Sounds amazing to have a worker like this.

4. Improve customer services:

Customer service is the most important factor in success. So, whether you are an international or a local business, having good customer service 24/7 has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. Bots can give automated answers to repetitive questions immediately and forward the request to a real person when a more complicated action is needed. Bots save time can assist more customers. If you move forward your business with chatbots, it will improve customer/client services. More satisfied customers/clients means more leads!

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